Destination Green is long experienced in the sector. 'Faith & Believe' is earned only through practice and we have proud to have blessed with the same from hundreds of our visitors. Please DON'T be whisked away by Cheaper package rates. There are so many nitty gritty in the sector including State wise Vehicle (as trip includes multi state travels). Even Sikkim has got restriction to its vehicles to ply in its four districts. Packages becomes cheaper by cutting down some of Yours facility only (for alertness).


  • Keep ID Card of all travelers during travel including Original & photocopy (Preferably Voter ID for Indian tourist & Passport of others)
  • For Kids, Keep School ID Card
  • Keep Four passport size photographs of all members traveling (For Tsomgo / Nathula trip, North Sikkim trip Pass)
  • Keep umbrella / Rainwear as anytime rain is a nature of this sector
  • Keep some urgent medicines as required (specially those who have vomiting problem in hills)
  • Keeping some dry food (biscuits, cakes etc) during North Sikkim trip will be handy
  • Shoes are advised for all with socks (woolen socks is suggested during December to March)


  • Do not pluck flowers or Orchids
  • Do not disturb wildlife or its habitat
  • Do not buy endangered species or antiques
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or talk loudly near holy places
  • Do not pluck plants 
  • Do not use plastics