Nearby Offbeat Places and ideal location for Homestays:

Several tea estates in Darjeeling district offer fabulous stay in their bungalows that let you take a glimpse of tea garden life, villages, culture and nature surrounding it.

Takdah: A beautiful small hamlet 28kms from Darjeeling once used to be a cantonment area for British officers during colonial days. Enjoy tea gardens, pine & cedar forest walk, great views of mountains, orchids, heritage home stay & more.

Lamahatta: A quiet and serene village 23kms from Darjeeling with a vast beautiful roadside garden, great views of Kanchenjunga peaks & rivers, nature trails etc.

Tinchuley: A calm and quiet village at an altitude of about 5800 ft, 32kms from Darjeeling and offering wonderful view of the majestic Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan range.

Latpanchar: A sleepy hamlet. Highest point of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and full of animal & bird life, and great views. 1.5 hours from NJP.

Srikhola: A beautiful village at the foothill of Singalila National Park and having a mountain stream passing through it. A paradise for nature lovers.

Jorpokhri: A lake, forest and wonderful views of Kanchenjunga in a quiet tranquil place. Takes little over 1hr from Darjeeling.

Palmajua: About 2.5 hours from Darjeeling, a place with lush jungle and wonderful views in a quiet and serene ambience.

Lepchajagat: 19kms from Darjeeling (takes about 45 minutes by car). A great place for nature lovers and honeymooners. Excellent views of Kanchenjunga.

Chota Mangwa: A serene tranquil hamlet with amazing flora & fauna. It’s 1.5 hours drive from Darjeeling Town.

Chatakpur: A small eco village in the wilderness with great views of Kanchenjunga, and forests full of wildlife and birds. Located 1 hour 30 minutes from Darjeeling, 80kms from NJP.

Rishyap (or Rishop): A small sleepy hamlet at 8,500ft meant for nature lovers with stunning views of vast stretch of Himalayan range. About 4 hours from Darjeeling via Kalimpong.

Tathagata Farm: Mineral Spring Village (Lebong), 1hr from Darjeeling. A working farm with cottages and luxury tents.

Auks Farm: Soreng, 1 hr 20 minutes from Darjeeling, about 2.5 hrs from NJP. Live farm with many fruits and vegetable plantations.

Petrichor: Gorubathan, about 2 hrs from Darjeeling and NJP. Live farm – garden fresh organic vegetables. Take part in programs like farming activities, art & craft, learning simple living, cooking Nepali food, etc.

Karmi Farm: Kolbong (close to Bijanbari), 3 hrs from Darjeeling.

Apart from the above, there are also many offbeat attraction in the place like:

  • Pedong
  • Sillery Gao
  • Ramdhura
  • Bunkulung
  • Sittong
  • Reshi Khola
  • Lingsey
  • Dovan Valley

Takdah, Lamahatta,Tinchuley, Latpanchar, Srikhola, Jorpokhri, Palmajua, Lepchajagat, Chota Mangwa, Chatakpur, Rishyap (or Rishop), Tathagata Farm, Auks Farm, Petrichor, Karmi Farm, Kolbong (close to Bijanbari), Pedong, Sillery Gao, Ramdhura, Bunkulung, Sittong (or Sitong), Reshi Khola, Lingsey, Dovan Valley