Mirik is a small and sleepy hill town in Darjeeling district and close to Darjeeling town.  From Ghoom there is a scenic road that goes to Sukhiapokhri, a hilly locality nearly 11 kilometers from Ghoom. Nearly 02 kilometers from Sukhiapokhri you can reach a beautiful place called Jorepokhri. And then in about 20 minutes from Sukhiapokhri, you will reach a wonderful view point called Simana - a 60 feet by 40 feet plateau and a viewing area. Simana in Hindi means border. Since it is about halfway to Darjeeling i.e. 55 kilometers from Siliguri and is 50 kilometers from Darjeeling, it makes sense to break the journey and make it more relaxing as you ascend along the winding roads of the mountains. The first tourism development in Mirik began when the state tourism department acquired 335 acres of land area from the neighboring Thurbo tea estate and started developing it as a tourist place in 1974 when Sri Siddhartha Shankar Ray was the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Earlier during the colonial days the open field on the eastern bank of the lake was used as a polo field by the British. The road to mirik is scenic and Mirik is simply the perfect base for guests to explore the spectacular mountain scenic pine forests and ancient monastery though the main attraction is the Sumendu Lake. It is a massive manmade lake surrounded by a forested ridge. The main tourist area Krishnanagar is towards the south of the lake. It is situated at an average altitude of 5000 feet.  This tiny place on a hill top has twin lakes, surrounded by forest and offers magnificent views of Kanchenjunga. The market is full of imported electronic gadgets, jackets, perfumes & cosmetics and clothes. The main market is about 01 kilometer walk from the border. Further to the west are the three temples with shrines of Shiva, Hanuman and Kali Mata. The Singla Devi Mandir is another temple you can visit on the west bank of the lake. One can if possible stay in Mirik watch a spectacular sunrise from Rameety Dara. There is a temple in the forest (known as Devisthan). Pony rides are also available around the lake and quite popular with children. It's a wonderful scenic drive through tea gardens on hill slopes. You will pass by the famous Thurbo tea estate of Goodricke as well as several others like Gopaldhara Tea Estate. There are nearly 12 - 15 tea estates surrounding Mirik. Roman Catholic church of Mirik is a rather eye-catching edifice. Mirik, being the largest supplier of oranges in West Bengal, the town is filled with numerous such orchards that add to its charm. It stands right beside the Don Bosco School, and the architecture of this church is quite pleasing to the eye. Situated at a height of 4905 feet Mirik’s most alluring feature is the Bokar Monastery, which itself is located over 5801 feet. The climate of this town is pleasant almost the entire year, fluctuating between 30 degrees to 1 degree Celsius in summer and winter respectively. There are plenty of orange orchards in the area as well. Maneybhanjan is Known as the base camp for Sandakphu Trek. Sandakphu Trek is popular & historic with trekkers flocking throughout the year. A rich forest with thousands of Cryptomaria-Japanica trees clothes the slopes on the western part. Surrounding villages of Mirik, many are situated on nearby spur, one can see beautiful orange orchards. Mirik is the largest supplier of orange in West Bengal. One can also have glimpse of the village life of hill areas. Trekking from Mirik to Sandakphu and falut is popular. Otherwise short Trek from Mirik to Kurseong via Balasan river & Namsu could be covered within one day only.

Communication: From Siliguri, the distance to Mirik is approximately 55 kilometers by road. From New Jalpaiguri Railway station (NJP) the distance is about 59 kilometers and from Bagdogra airport (IXB) Kurseong is approximately 60 kilometers. From Bagdogra the usual route is via Matigara and Khaprail. From NJP and Siliguri, the public transports would usually take the Hill Cart Road unless it's closed for some reason. It takes about 02 hours to reach Mirik from both New Jalpaiguri Railway station (NJP) & Bagdogra airport (IXB). Darjeeling is nearly 50 kilometers i.e. 30 miles from Mirik. Darjeeling Town is nearly 50 kilometers from Mirik & Pashupati Market is approximately 12 kilometers from Mirik. Darjeeling town to Ghum via Hill Cart Road is 08 kilometers, Ghum to Sukhiapokhri is 12 kilometers, Sukhiapokhri to Pashupati Market is 12 kilometers and Pashupati Market to Mirik nearly 13 kilometers after all....VisitHimalaya.

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