Assam - Area: 78438 square kilometers / 30285 square miles - Capital: Dispur - Time zone: IST (UTC +05:30) - Language: Assamese, Karbi, Bodo, Bengali - Temperature: Minimum: 29.1°C & Maximum: 41.6°C - Best Season for Visit: October to April - Population: 31,169,272(2011) - Festival: Bihu - Nearest Airport: Guwahati - The mighty Brahmaputra is the iconic symbol of the Assam Valley. Only a few places in India can boast of being fresh and vibrant as Assam. The unspoilt hilly terrains of the state, numbers waterways with rapidly cascading waterfalls offers invitation with open arms. Popularly called the land of red rivers & Blue Hills, Assam is the Gateway to the North Eastern India.  Besides being the home of the Tiger and the One Horned Rhino ,Assam is the World’s Largest Tea growing region producing more than 1,50,000 pounds of tea every year. There are about 845 tea gardens in Assam.

Meghalaya - Area: 22429 Square Kilometers / 8660 square Miles - Capital: Shillong - Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30) - Language: Khasi, Pnar, Garo, Hindi, English - Temperature: Minimum: 10.1°C & Maximum: 28.2° C - Best Season for Visit: October to April - Population: 2964007 (2011) - Festival: Wangala - Nearest Airport: Guwahati - Meghalaya means the “Abode of the Clouds “and that’s exactly what the destination does for refreshing the minds of weary travelers. The beautiful state in the northeastern corner of India is most conducive for long Holidays.The City of Shillong is its picturesque Capital.  The Elephant Falls, Nowakhali Falls and also the caves in Krem Mawmluh, Jaintia Hills & Garo Hills offers a wide range of variety for the discerning traveler. The Cathedrals & Cemetery’s are a symbol of Culture of this wonderful place. Vehicles for sightseeing and packages are arranged by Destination Green. Do not forget to visit Cherapunjee which receives the highest amount of rainfall in India .About 250 species of butterflies are found in Meghalaya

Arunachal Pradesh - Area: 83743 Square Kilometers / 32333 square Miles - Capital: Itanagar - Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30)    - Language: English (Hindi, Adi, Apatani, Bhoti, Khampti & Nishi) - Temperature: Minimum: 13.4°C & Maximum: 27.7°C - Best Season for Visit: October to April  - Population: 1382611 (2011) - Festival: Choekhor    -  Nearest Airport: Tezpur - The mysterious, magical state is the most compelling holiday destination worth visiting, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The widely scattered archaeological remains in various corners of Arunachal Pradesh bear testimony to the states’ rich cultural heritage. Tucked in the Northeastern tip of India, this place can easily lure you to relax amongst its breathtaking hills and valleys or just soak in its glorious heritage.

Manipur - Area: 22347 square Kilometers / 8628 Square Mile - Capital: Imphal - Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30) - Language: Meiteilon (Manipuri) - Temperature: Minimum: 10.0°C & Maximum 32.0°C     
Best Season for Visit: October to March - Population: 2721756 (2011) - Festival: Raslila - Nearest Airport: Imphal - Nestled deep within the north eastern corner of India Manipur Literally means “ A jewel Land “.Nature has indeed blessed this state with exquisite natural beauty and splendor. Surrounded by blue hills and a valley at the centre, it is rich in art and tradition. The love of art and beauty is imbedded in the people of this place. Imphal is one of the few places in India where nothing seems to have changed. A tiny valley tucked away in the northeastern state of Manipur. Relics of an old, historical palace, well-planned temples and ceremonial houses in their entire splendor amidst the tall pine and jackfruit trees, speak of Imphal's ancient past.

Nagaland - Area: 16579 square kilometers / 26401 Square Mile - Capital: Kohima - Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30) - Language: English (Naga) - Temperature: Minimum:  20.2° C & Maximum: 29.0° C     
Best Season for Visit: October to May - Population: 1980602 (2011) - Festival: Hornbill, Moatsu - Nearest Airport: Dimapur - Nagaland consists of the former Naga Hills district of Assam and the former Tuensang frontier divisions. Administered earlier by the President, Nagaland was made a state in the year 1963.Nagaland consists of seven administrative districts, inhabitated by 16 major tribes along with other sub-tribes. Each section of the society is distinct in its culture, customs and language, Kohima, the capital town of Nagaland in the north eastern part of India is a picturesque town, situated amidst lush green wealth of the nature. Kohima, a typical Naga town is a pretty hill station, displaying the exotic tribal culture of the northeast. Is the home of the brave and daring, yet simple and innocent, Naga tribes.

Mizoram - Area: 21081 square Kilometers / 28139 Square Mile - Capital: Aizawl - Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30) - Language: Mizo (English & Hindi) - Temperature: Minimum: 15.0°C & Maximum: 29.0°C     
Best Season for Visit: September - May - Population: 1091014 (2011) - Festival: Christmas - Nearest Airport: Aizawl -  The amazing hide-outs with impressive ambience will make your holidays truly unforgettable in the “Land of Highlanders“. Aizawl the Capital is a hilly city and is situated at an elevation of 4000 feet. It shares borders with the states of Tripura, Assam, Manipur and with the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Burma. id the religious and cultural centre of Mizoram. It is a land known for great natural beauty an endless variety of landscape with rich flora and fauna, clusters of whispering pines and quaint villages and houses built on silts. The Blue Mountain, Mangkahia lung, Sibuta Lung are the major tourist attractions. The caves are the most ideal place for tourists, who are inclined towards an adventurous tour of Mizoram

Tripura - Area: 10491.69 square Kilometer / 4050.86 square miles - Capital: Agartala - Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30) - Language: Bengali & Kokborok - Temperature: Minimum: 28.1° C & Maximum: 33.8° C - Best Season for Visit: September - March - Population: 3671032 (2011) - Festival: Gazia & Garia - Nearest Airport: Agartala - Nestled in the Far East of India just 2 kilometers away from the neighboring country of Bangladesh is this hilly paradise with numerous deep rivers and valleys. The name of the state is believed to have originated from Tripura Sundari, the presiding deity of this land, which is also famous as one of the 51 pithasthans of Hindu Pilgrimage. The Ujjayanta palace or the royal house was built during 1899-1901 and sits in the Capital city of Agartala.

Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur, Shillong, Kaziranga, Cherrapunji