Treking & Camping: The main attraction of the summer months is trekking and camping. Trekkers with a reasonable degree of physical fitness, without any prior experience, can manage the altitude that ranges from 6000 to 16000 feet above sea level. The Himalayan foothills are ideal for jungle treks and camps throughout the year.

The folks of mountain have been doing it from time unknown. Trekking knows no barrier i.e. one is never too young or as old as you believe yourself to be. Trekking in the wilderness apart from showing people some of the most amazing scenery that nature has bestowed upon us gives the luxury of introspection and a sense of achievement at the end of the day. It’s a sport worth enjoying at any time of the age be it at 12 or at 70 or any phase of life.

So, all that it takes to get going is a love for the mountains / forest / adventure / expectation of the unexpected and a willingness to rough it out. Trekking needs no prior training, but one should know some do's and don'ts. It's better to choose the trekking routes according to one's own stamina and interest. Maintain the pace of the trek and enjoy it without exhaustion. The trek will be shorter, less tiring, and without the problems associated with high altitude, technical climbing experience is not necessary as most of the trek routes are below 14,000 feet. Camping & trekking equipment is available on hire from the tourism department and from reputed travel agents. We take every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and security. Trekking gives you an idea of surviving with the basic minimum requirement of life and brings out the energy and enthusiasms in you and the bonus is the body weight reduction and you carry home the freshness and memories to be cherished for ever.

Trekking in Sikkim & Darjeeling - Sikkim has to offer a number of fascinating trekking routes to enterprising trek enthusiasts. The best time to trek in these parts of the Eastern Himalayas is between mid- February to May and again from October to December. The treks pass by beautiful gompas, simple but colorful hamlets and through so fascinating alpine forests full of a rich variety of flora and fauna. Yuksom is an ideal take-off point for trekking. Trekking is the best option, and this may not necessarily be an arduous high altitude excursion such as the Dzongri trek but easier and gentler hikes in the middle hills such as the trail between Varsey - Dentam, Pelling - Yuksom or Uttarey - Varsey and several such similar ones ranging from one to twenty days or even more.
Trekking Permits - Permits etc will be arranged by us on prior notice i.e. 90 days notice and with proper production of details. Permit restrictions mean that trekkers can only follow well - known trails and within a limited period of time. Green Lake trek requires permission 90 days in advance and Sikkim is strict with the permission of foreigners. Indian too requires permission well in advance hence please plan your trip well in advance and let us know. We will sort out the permission for you provided you produce authentic and required documents is mailed to us as early as possible.

Season – Two seasons are best for trek, they are as follows

  • March - May
  • September - November

Physical Fitness - Physically one should be fit enough to walk and one should not have major (heart and lungs related) problems which need immediate medical help. An hour a day of walking is enough for initial trekkers to start with.

Things to carry - You should have quality rucksack, sleeping foam mat,  Swiss knife, sleeping bag, good sleepers, trekking shoes, rain coat, lighter, camera, water bottle, disposable bags to collect and carry garbage and torch are some of the essential items to carry for the trip. You should also have basic medicines for infection, nausea and cuts.  Cold cream is a must preferably petroleum jelly.  You should have warm clothes, preferably warm jacket, woolen shirts, full selves T - shirts, pullovers, and warm inner to wear inside the cloth. Shorts, socks, leather jacket, toiletries.

Trek Routes - The treks pass by beautiful gompas, simple but colorful hamlets and through so fascinating forests full of a rich variety of flora and fauna. Coming across are possible and cannot be ruled out altogether. The familiar routes have narrow passages and clearly visible but after monsoon and landslide one has to mark or navigate the route of their own. Guides and porter will be of help. The routes are all scenic and in each of these routes Himalayan Range is visible. Dzongri and Sandakphu trek are mesmerizing and not much of a difficult to manage.

Major Treks around Sikkim - The unrivalled high altitude treks of Dzongri at 128000 feet and Goechala at 18000 feet are both breathtaking and awe - inspiring. The captivating landscape, with an incomparable diversity of flora and fauna is refreshing treat to the trekkers and adventurer. These trek are approved by government of Sikkim

  • Dzongri Trek
  • Dzongri Round Trek / Goechala Trek
  • Singalila Trek
  • Green lake Trek
  • Green lake Round Trek
  • Uttarey Trek

Major Treks around Darjeeling – Permitted by government of West Bengal and are wonderfully entertaining and adventurous but all routes are centered round Sandakphu. , The routes offer the visitor an excellent and unobstructed view of the Mount Khanchendzonga and its range. It also provides a trekker with superb views of sunrise and sunset.

  • Sandakphu Trek Darjeeling – Maneybhanjan  - Tonglu – Gauribas – Kalopokhri – Sandakphu – Falut – Gorkey – Rammam - Maneybhanjan
  • Sandakphu Trek Darjeeling & Sikkim– Maneybhanjan  - Tonglu – Gauribas – Kalopokhri – Sandakphu – Phalut – Gorkey – Hilley - Sombari - Jorethang

Apart from the above, Many Other Short & Longer Trek routes are available in the Sector

Trekking Routes in Sikkim

  • MONASTIC TREK ( March – May / October – December ) - [Pemayangtse – Sangcholing – Khecheopalri – Dubdi – Sinon – Tashiding – Ralang]
  • HODODENDRON TREK : (March – May) - [Naya Bazar – Hilley / Soreng – Varsey – Dentam – Pemayangtse]
  • KHANGCHENDZONGA TREK: (Mid March – Mid Jun / October – December ) - [Yuksom – Bakhim – Tshokha – Dzongri – Thangsing / Bikbari – Zemthang / Chaurigang – Goechala / Rathong glacier and back]
  • CORONATION TREK: (October – December) - [Rumtek – Sang – Yangyang – Ravangla – Tashiding – Yuksom]
  • SINGALILA TREK: (Mid May and October) - [Uttarey – Chewabhanjang – Dhor – Sikkim Megu – Dafey Bhir-Gomanthan / Boktok pandga – Theshyapla – Bikbari – Dzongri – Tsoka – Yuksom]
  • KOSTURI ORAR TREK: (Mid March – Mid June / October – December) - [Yuksom – Dzongri – Thangsing – Kostori Orar – Labdang – Sinon – Tashiding]
  • SAMARTEK TREK: (Mid March – Mid June / October – December) - [Kodong – Dokshing – Tsen Khong – Lenchok – Samartek – Pakchong – Kungo – Kuling Nae (Cave) Gungramgampo – Singhik Dak Bungalow]
  • RINCHENPONG / SORENG TREK: (April – June / October – December) - [Kaluk – Rinchenpong Dal Bungalow – Rigsum Gumpa – Kaluk – Sribadam Jhandi Dara – Soreng]
  • HIMALAYA TREK: (April – June / October – December) - [Manchi (Base camp) – Tendong – Damthang – Ravangla – Maenam – Bhaley Dhunga – Yangyang – Sinchuthang – Bermoik – Parbing – Namchi]

Popular Trekking Routes in Darjeeling

  • SANDHAKFU TREK: (Darjeeling Hills) [Can be arranged in format of Available Days]
  • FALUT TREK : (Darjeeling Hills) [Can be arranged in format of Available Days]


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